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  • Home page, with the login button clicked.
  • What users see when they click on "My Gallery".
  • What users see when they upload a picture.
  • The pictures page displays the EXIF data about the camera and settings used to take the picture, also shows comments and other uploads by the user.
  • On the gallery tab, you can view what other people have uploaded and search by category in the tag cloud above.
Work Type: Website Design
Date: October, 2013
Working with: 
Karma Group

FUJIFILM Club is one of our coolest projects which grows daily. This website allows users to register and start sharing pictures that they have taken with their FUJIFILM cameras. When a user uploads a picture and email alert is sent to FUJIFILM staff to approve the picture, once approved it will then display in an ever growing gallery page that loads more images as you scroll down.

Pictures display the EXIF data giving information like camera, ISO, shutter speed and aperture information used to take the picture. A comments system has also been implemented to allow club members to communicate with each other.

Website Features:
  • Drupal 7
  • HTML 5
  • User Login/Registration